Serving market leaders across a variety of sectors

Our Customers


ESGC’s vast resources include the means and know-how to deliver our specialized products to our customers across the regions where we do business. Our distribution infrastructure includes our own fleet of trucks, warehouses, and distribution centers. As an exporter of starch and glucose, we coordinate our international distribution operations and provide logistical aid to our customers. This intricate distribution network ensures the timely delivery of our products to customers across our geographic footprint.

Who We Supply

As an important driver in the food and consumer goods sector, ESGC supplies domestic and international industry leaders whose product brands are widely recognized and hold exceptional consumer confidence. We consider our customers partners in growth and we consider our relationships as our most valuable assets.

Global Presence

Over the past 60 years ESGC has built a strong international reputation as a leading exporter, which has helped it expand its geographic footprint to include markets in the MENA region and beyond.