Maintaining our market leadership through sound strategy


Our strategy has been fundamentally grounded in our mission to be the best at manufacturing and supplying consumers with the highest-quality starch and glucose products.

Through the years, management has focused on improving the technical aspects of our process and ensuring the quality of our products and services. These efforts have included adapting new technologies such as installing a new glucose line, refurbishing our production facilities, in addition to developing on-site waste water treatment plants, and making our facilities more environmental friendly.

Increase Sales Volume & Market Share

Targeting importers through the development of a new packaged unit (plastic barrel instead of a steel barrel) Focusing — for the first time since it was founded — on penetrating new markets through the launch of export operations to the Sudanese market

Improve Quality of Product Mix

Shifting the product mix toward high-margin products such as glucose

Efficient Production Yield Management

Implementing preventive maintenance to reduce unplanned down time Weekly labor incentive linked to productivity