Our high-quality products are the key ingredient for a wide variety of businesses

ESGC at a Glance

The glucose syrup we produce has traditional applications for confections, pastries, and beverages—all strong and growing businesses in Egypt. The corn starches we produce have more diverse applications, ranging from chips and crackers to adhesives and packaging materials.Learn more about our Starch & Glucose products

Animal feed, a by-product of starch and glucose processing, is sold business-to-business. ESGC specializes in two main types of animal feed: Gluten Feed (GF), which is designed for dairy cows, camels, horses, and sheep; and Corn Gluten Feed (CGF), which is better suited for poultry, fish, shrimp, pigeons, and rabbits. Learn more about our Feed products.

ESGC is the pioneer in the Egyptian starch and glucose industry, integrating its top-of-the-line facilities and technology with world-class safety standards. As part of this commitment, we recently fully upgraded our facilities to incorporate the latest environmentally friendly technology. The three-phase project successfully improved our starch and glucose derivatives.

Together with an aggressive growth strategy and a strong brand identity bolstered by a large and growing product line, ESGC has captured and maintained a strong share in the Egyptian market, a position that the company will continue to expand on going forward.