Social & Environmental Responsibility

The Egyptian Starch and Glucose Company (ESGC) was acquired by the holding company Cairo 3A.

Since then, both companies have been going hand-in-hand to fulfill our responsibility towards our society.

We are well-known in the market as the good stewards of the environment and social landscapes as we take sustainability very seriously in everything we do to ensure a healthy planet.

Not only that, but Cairo 3A participated in Misr El Kheer’s Challenge #تحدي الشركات to donate and help more than 5000 families during the Covid-19 crisis in the year 2020.

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A drums factory in the Egyptian Starch and Glucose Company (ESGC)
مشروع إنشاء وحدة إنتاج البراميل للشركة المصرية للنشا و الجلوكوز