Corporate Governance

As a strong believer in the importance of a hands-on approach to corporate governance, ESGC has taken significant steps to bring its practices into conformity with global standards at all levels in its administrative and operational chains.

In keeping with international best practices in the area of corporate governance, ESGC has enacted stringent measures and guidelines in order to ensure our commitment to accountability, fairness and transparency. These guidelines include fair dealing, consistent and accurate reporting, and proper use of company assets and the reduction of various conflicts of interest.

Furthermore, ESGC ensures a direct connection between policy making and enforcement by having the majority of our board members as members of our audit committee. It is the responsibility of the audit committee to ensure company operations abide by ESGC’s Audit Committee Charter, which the committee is also tasked with reviewing and assessing on an annual basis.

The audit committee is empowered with the authority to conduct or authorize investigations into any matters within its scope of responsibilities. These responsibilities entail reviewing significant accounting and reporting issues and examining their impact on the financial statements, overseeing the internal and external audit processes — ensuring that efforts are coordinated and audit resources are utilized effectively, verifying the company’s compliance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as other reporting responsibilities.